October 31, 2017

The Twenty Dollar Thrifting Challenge

What can YOU do with $20? 

A few days ago, I premiered my first “Twenty Dollar Thrifting Challenge” video on my vlog in an effort to show you all that saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style.

Take a look: 

Twenty dollars goes a long way at a thrift store.  

With a little bit of creativity (and an eye for fashion),  your outfits can SLAY for a fraction of the cost.

Beauty is the sweetest form of revenge, right? 

I started my search for the perfect outfit with the pants section. I wanted to find something versatile that would make for an easy pairing with a shirt, shoes, and accessories. And, given the fact that I refuse to accept less than total fit perfection when it comes to my pants, I knew I was in for a challenge.

After browsing through a rack of complete duds, a pair of khakis answered my prayers. 

These American Eagle Khakis fit perfectly, and at $5.99, I couldn’t pass them up

With the base of my outfit picked out, everything else became a little bit easier. 

The belt section at Goodwill was decently stocked. I found one brand new multi-colored belt that went perfectly with my pants. That belt was featured in my video. 

But the pieces of any good outfit must live in harmony as a family.

And after I found this shirt:

I realized that my belt was the ugly stepchild.

Fortunately, I had several more to choose from. 

I decided to go with this versatile brown belt which joined  the shirt and khakis together perfectly: 

And since used belts at Goodwill are $0.99 (instead of the $3 I was going to spend on a new one), I ended up saving part of my twenty dollars to use elsewhere in my outfit. 


In my video, I mentioned that I found my shirt in the kid’s section. And even though I’m not exactly overjoyed by the fact that my outfit can be worn by a 14 year old, I’m glad to have come across it. 

Check out this close-up:

The brand is “Cremieux” by Daniel Cremieux. I was attracted to subtle, attractive design of the shirt; especially the red stripe and inner pattern. After reading into the brand on their website, this design made sense…

“Crémieux is a preppy yet contemporary French brand founded by
Daniel Crémieux in 1976 in Saint-Tropez, on the French Riviera. The
style trends at the time were very classic and dark, but Daniel brought his
creative vision to life using bright colors and fun designs.”

I could see the classic/dark inspiration that the website referred to. Those classically masculine patterns played perfectly with the red stripe. Needless to say, I was sold. 

With pants, a shirt, and a belt all working together harmoniously, I began to add the finishing touches to my thrifty outfit. 

These shoes seemed a perfect fit for the rest of my garments: 

I added shoelaces from another pair of shoes (shown in my video) and gave these already fabulous shoes an extra POP. 

And with my outfit nearing the finish line, it was time for the icing on the cake.

The hat.


I couldn’t decipher the brand beneath the clearance/Goodwill tags that had all been layered upon each other. Regardless, this trilby hat was an amazing find. It seemed to be brand new; and at $2.99, it was worth the modest price. 

Hat in tow, my thrifting challenge outfit was complete. 


Total (with tax): $20.02

No buyer’s remorse whatsoever. 


For twenty dollars, I was able to put together a versatile outfit that I can wear with pride. 

So follow my lead and get your butt to a thrift store. You never know what you’ll find. 


Second-hand is sexy. 


Ridiculously Robert

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