March 31, 2018

My Top Three- Harrington Beach State Park

A “getaway” doesn’t have to be far away.
And every time I explore what my home state, Wisconsin, has to offer, I find this to be even more true. I don’t have to be on a plane to Thailand (although I wouldn’t mind that either) to quench my thirst for wanderlust.
Adventure is everywhere.
For this local exploration, I ventured to Harrington Beach State Park in Belgium, WI.
Ahh, yes, the iconic city of Belgium, WI.
You’ve heard of it, right?
On the off-chance that you haven’t, here’s where it is:

Despite being only 35 minutes outside of Milwaukee, this park feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere.
An easy escape. 
Take a look at my top three highlights from Harrington Beach: 
ONE: Lake Michigan
With the park sitting on the coast, how could Lake Michigan not be a highlight?
If you want to stick your toes in the sand instead, the park can oblige. Beach area surrounds the wooded part of Harrington Beach. On windy days, I’ve also spotted some pretty good surf.
I took these pictures to give you an idea, but they hardly do the park justice.

So, go there.

TWO: Quarry Lake
While we’re on the topic of lakes, I should note that Harrington Beach is a two-for-one.
A short walk inland from Lake Michigan sits Quarry Lake.
Take a look:
True to its name, this lake used to be a quarry.
There are signs around the lake that talk about its past as a quarry if you care to embrace your inner history buff.
Regardless, take a walk around the amazing trails that this place has to offer.
These are some highlights from my trip:


THREE: These Rocks


Because who doesn’t love a good rock picture?
Signs of community like these surround the park. Stacked rocks, couples’ names written in hearts in the sand, etc.
TOO cute.
It wasn’t quite nice enough to enjoy everything this park has to offer.
Regardless of season, it’s a fun time. But I can only imagine how pretty it must be when the trees have leaves and the wind doesn’t bite my face with a vengeance.
I’m planning a return trip for this summer; so stay posted for a follow-up post.
I hope you enjoyed my top three from Harrington Beach!
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