June 19, 2018

How to Contact Your Representatives About Family Separation


As many of you know, I work with a nonprofit organization called The Borgen Project; which works to end global poverty. One of the key methods we use to accomplish this is political advocacy. This is where we all can make a difference with very little effort.

Each of us has the power to reach out to our elected officials and voice our opinion. Yes, a phone call is small. But on a large scale, it has astounding power. With 30 seconds of your day, you can make your voice heard and put an end to this tragedy.


1. Look up your elected officials. Do a Google search or visit:
http://borgenproject.org/call-congress/ to find out who represents you and how to contact them.

2. Research legislation that aims to end separating families at the border. This bill, called the “Keep Families Together Act”, was introduced by Senator Feinstein from California: https://www.congress.gov/…/115th-con…/senate-bill/3036/text…

If you don’t want to get involved with specific legislation, you can still call your representatives and tell them to “Introduce and support legislation that keeps families together at US borders.”

3. CALL.

During office hours, your call will be taken by a staffer who will record your opinion on the issue. If you don’t want to talk to anybody, call after hours and leave a message on your representative’s voicemail. Your opinions will be recorded the next day.

For example, if I want to urge one of my Senators, Tammy Baldwin, to support this legislation, my message would read:

“Hello. My name is Robert. I am one of your constituents in the Milwaukee, WI area. I am calling to urge you to support the Keep Families Together Act to protect immigrant families in the US. Thank you”.


“Hello. My name is Robert. I am one of your constituents located in the Milwaukee, WI area. I am calling to ask you to introduce and support legislation that stops the separation of families at US borders.”


The collective opinions expressed in the calls are presented to the representatives in a call log which influences which bills they choose to support. If a lot of people express an opinion on a particular issue, it can have a huge impact on what legislation gets supported and eventually passed. YOU elect THEM.

Next time you are scrolling through your feed and see another heartbreaking news story, make a call. Then do it again. Then ask your friends and family to do it too.

We are better than this.

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