January 2, 2018

California – Round Two


Hello, my friends.

Quite some time has passed since my last website post. College took its toll on my life.

Between a full-time job and exams, I didn’t have much time to get writing done.

I’m deeply sorry for this. 

Enter: winter break!

I’m officially free from school until Jan. 22. And I plan to make the most of my time off.


What better way to enjoy a break than with a vacation? 



California, here we come. (Again)

Our second California trip this year.  Like last time, Colin and I are going together 

The Plan: 




A moderately-complicated itinerary, I’ll admit, but an interesting one nonetheless. 


Milwaukee to Las Vegas

The first leg of our vacation includes a $99 Spirit Airlines flight from Milwaukee, WI with a layover in Las Vegas. 

We looked for a hotel from the fifth to the sixth of January. But after seeing the average price of rooms in the city, we were forced to come up with an alternative. 

A free(ish) alternative.


THE PLAN: Catch a red-eye out of Milwaukee, arriving at 11 PM Las Vegas Time.

Then, spend the night wandering the strip. 

Great plan, right? 

It’s not foolproof, but it could be worse. We’ll use our 18 hours to experience what Vegas has to offer; and when we’re done, we’ll retreat back to the airport for the rest of our layover. 

** I found out that McCarran Airport has a place called Zero Level Fitness + Wellness that rents out sleeping rooms (on top of having workout equipment, personal training, showers, saunas…basically an entire gym in the airport).

According to the website:


One hour in a sleeping room costs $12.  

I approve. 



San Francisco

As always, I can’t wait for us to get to San Francisco. 

I’m not sure what it is. Something about the city captures me every time I walk the streets.

My heart belongs to the bay area. 

We’ll have two days here to explore. And (naturally) I have a few things on my list that I hope we’ll be able to see.


  • Redwood Regional Park 


After walking through Golden Gate Park during our trip last August, I’m ready for us to experience more San Francisco nature. 

  • La Taqueria


Adding this restaurant to the list came after someone on our Amtrak train from LA to San Francisco said it was his favorite food in the city. We didn’t get to go here on our last vacation. This time, I’m getting my taco. 

  • The snowman at MOMA


We went to the Museum of Modern Art last time, but this snowman is just a little too adorable to not see. 


I’m going to expand on this list, so check back to see everywhere that we end up going. 


Heading South: San Francisco to San Diego

After two days in San Francisco, we catch a flight to San Diego. 

This is a first-time vacation for both of us.

One night will be spent with a friend; the other at the Kimpton Palomar Hotel (Check out this amazing place here). I work at a Kimpton in Milwaukee and can’t wait to experience the Kimpton brand as a guest. 

Since we’ve both never been to San Diego, we’re going to rely mostly on our friend’s recommendations for things to do. The San Diego Zoo seems like it could be fun.

A beach would be fine with me.

San Diego to ??

The next part of our journey is less certain. Depending on what time we can find trains leaving from San Diego, we might take a day to explore Orange County before heading towards Los Angeles. 

I’m going to be deeply disappointed if we don’t get to see the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Irvine. 

I couldn’t find a menu, but somebody on Yelp mentioned a strawberry & mint lemonade that sounded fantastic. 

(Take a look at the Yelp page for this gem)

Beyond Hello Kitty-Themed restaurants, we don’t have a plan for our day trip to Orange County.

 I think we’ll find things to do. 

Los Angeles

The last leg of our trip. We’ll likely be staying with friends the entire time; although we might splurge and book a hotel for a night. 

Los Angeles was fun in August. This time, I anticipate it being even better. 

Remember when I met Angelyne? 


There can only be one Angelyne experience. Still, I’m confident that we can have even more fun on this vacation.

Something about LA makes people prone to shenanigans. And I’m fine with that. 


I have a few things I want us to do here. Including



Sweet, sweet breakfast. The griddle cakes here are apparently so good that the restaurant doesn’t provide syrup for them. 

This picture from the gardens’ website says it all

These two places are definitely worthy of a visit. Yet, given the fact that we’ll be spending 3 days in LA, I think we can see a lot more than two places. Maybe Santa Monica?

I’ll update as we add to the itinerary. 

I’m beyond excited to explore California again. And, most of all, I’m excited to write about it for all of you lovely people. 

Only three days left in the freezing cold Wisconsin weather.

Let’s hope they fly by. 


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