March 26, 2018

A Soul-Searching Journey

Here’s the thing.
My dad gets on my nerves sometimes.
Most of it is little things.
He might be a few minutes late with my dinner. Or he forgets to leave his closet door open so that I can curl up in the pile of clothes he left there for me (idiot).
It’s true…I have had to live with injustice in this household.
But if one thing makes it all worth it, it’s days like today.
Today, I am whole.
The human has finally let me venture to my natural habitat: the outdoors.

I am at one with nature…my truest self. I can listen to the birds chirping. Or I can lay out in the hot sun, waiting for my next prey to come along.
I imagine waiting out here long enough to see a mouse come along. I would finally be able to realize my life dream of catching and feasting upon one. A dream that domestic life has robbed me of.
I imagine this is how my ancestors felt. Rugged. Alive. I too, will carry on their legacy.
I have loved the human, don’t get me wrong. Well, as much as a now-feral beast like myself can love a domestic being like him. The constant feedings and cuddling were nice, but it is no life for me. I must live the predatory life I need.
I must convince the human to let me stay in my natural habitat.
No, I will DEMAND that I stay here. This is my home now. I belong outside. I refuse to leave where my soul belongs. The human will have to live without me. If he doesn’t oblige, I’ll have to unleash my predatory side on him as well; as much as it will kill me to do so.
Then, I hear it.
The most glorious of all sounds…..
a can of food opening in the kitchen.
I’ll catch my mouse another day.

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